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Richard Wender is the senior partner of the Wender Law Group.  Rick began his legal career at the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission’s Division of Enforcement in New York.  At the SEC, he worked as a trial attorney and later as a branch chief responsible for the enforcement efforts of a team of trial attorneys.  Rick developed numerous cases from investigation through trial, several of which ultimately concluded as criminal as well as civil actions.  Through this experience, Rick developed litigation skills which he finds invaluable in advising business clients as they structure their transactions and/or contemplate the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing or defending litigation.  He also uses these skills to strategize and supervise litigations being handled both by our firm and by outside counsel on behalf of our clients.

In 1990, Rick received his LL.M. in Taxation from NYU and from 1990 to 1994 he was an Adjunct Tax Professor at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College, teaching federal tax to candidates receiving a Master of Science degree in Accountancy.  Rick’s tax expertise has been instrumental in devising general tax strategies, advising clients as to tax implications in structuring domestic and international corporate transactions, tax defense work, and wealth transfer arrangements by gift, trust and bequest.  Beyond tax, Rick has also developed an expertise in all aspects of business law since his departure from the SEC – from performing the general counsel function for many of the Firm’s business client to structuring, negotiating and implementing mergers and acquisitions; buy/sell agreements; shareholder and operating agreements; licensing agreements; agency, distributionship and manufacturing agreements; and banking and private finance transactions.  Rick also has extensive experience in representing clients with respect to the purchase and sale of commercial real estate as well as the leasing of both office and retail space.

Rick oversees and supervises the work channeled through the other attorneys of the firm, as needed.  His vast knowledge, experience and high ethical standards, coupled with his natural abilities to teach and mentor, have been a valuable asset in training a new generation of attorneys to uphold his standard of excellence.  Rick has also served as Counsel to the Shiboleth Law Firm for over 30 years, assisting in the areas of tax, estates and trusts, corporate and real estate matters.

In his over 35 years of practice, Rick has rarely needed to actively advertise the firm.  Over the years, many clients with whom Rick first interacted became clients for life, and further referred additional clients to him.  Rick’s relationship with each client is a deep and comprehensive one.  On engaging a new client, he takes time to get to know them, their business, and family and personal interests.  This approach has long enabled us to provide the best legal service, taking into account the totality of circumstances before advising on a legal course of action.  This demeanor toward clients trickles down to the junior attorneys at the firm and they all take after Rick to develop meaningful business and personal relationships with our clients.

Rick is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo (B.A. Magna Cum Laude, 1973 and J.D. Magna Cum Laude, 1976) and the NYU School of Law (LL.M. in Taxation, 1990).  He speaks English and some conversational Hebrew.

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